Why I Need My-FD

  • We can help you achieve your goals by focussing on your business strategy, setting targets and working with you for the journey.
  • We do this by looking forward, not backwards like most accountants, so there is no history lesson!
  • Helping you building a strategy plan we can draw up profit and cashflow forecasts carrying out 'what if analysis' - using market leading software - crunch boards

Leading Edge Cloud Software

  • Using Spotlight and other leading software we can help you plan for the future and monitor actual performance against the  targets you set.
  • Charts help make it easy to see where you’re winning and highlight areas of concern
  • The quick video gives you a taster of what Spotlight can offer
  • We will help you deliver improved results measured against the targets you set with clear charts, monthly updates and quarterly reviews.
  • In summary we will help you discover what’s working well and what’s not in your business.  Look carefully at the changes you can make and work closely with you to achieve your goals.
  • We can help you build a roadmap to help you grow faster and working with key members of your team help you focus your energies towards building a better business.
  • We will set monthly calls to share real time data, showing how you are performing against your plans and work with you as your virtual finance director

For a free diagnostic, review and trial offer contact us on 0161 428 0930 or email