Your journey to success

At Harrop Marshall, we are committed to helping you grow
your business and achieve your goals

6 Signs you may be ready to switch accountants

Who We Work With

We act for businesses of all sizes with sales of a few hundred thousand up to £5m

Above all we love working with ambitious business owners – those who are aspirational and  seek to achieve above average growth.

At the same time its no use working yourself into an early grave !

We see plenty of examples of business owners who work crazy hours and simply can’t get their  ‘work-life balance’ right.


Fresh thinking to help you on your business journey


What challenges do you face right now?

As a small owner managed business we know It’s hard and can be lonely at the top!

As well as the day to day stress of winning business, getting sales out the door and cash into the bank you need a trusted advisor. Someone who can act as a sounding board – help you focus on your hopes and frustrations.

What’s working well, what’s not and where are the roadblocks? What really keeps you awake at night?

Can we help by asking the right questions and then work together to build an action plan which addresses your challenges and improves the bottom line?

Your Business Vision

For us the starting point is understanding your  vision for the business and where you want to take it. Why not let us value of the company today and then together start to think about what it might be worth in say 3 years time ? We can help you build a roadmap and then  prepare rolling cash and profit forecasts  which report against actual data monthly results.

We will summarise it all in a simple one- page monthly Dashboard – complete with charts – rather than just rows of numbers! The key however is ‘Making it Happen’ -  not just the plan and analysis - but the action you take….

So we set up  monthly calls to discuss the dashboard and KPIs. Then every quarter we hold a ‘Board style’ meeting with a detailed agenda – built around the key areas in your growth plan. As a result  we work together on your business throughout the year – not just when the annual accounts need doing !


More than just the numbers …..

Let’s help you relieve the headaches.

Whether it be  harnessing the power of latest cloud accounting – so you have accurate financial data whenever you need it - or, helping  you build a Growth Plan for the next few years complete with detailed targets and KPIs.

Perhaps the challenge is motivating and incentivising your key managers – so you can work on rather than in the business! Or perhaps it's sorting out the financial structure – getting fresh finance in place to support your growth plans.

Chat with Tim about your growth plans

Working with you for the journey

The world is changing really fast with increased competition, internet businesses stealing market share and also of course the challenge of  Brexit,  Trump etc! It’s really hard to find time to stop and  think about your  plans for the next few years. It’s also very easy to get your ‘work life balance’ wrong! You need plans that are robust enough to enable you to thrive - whilst getting the right balance between business and family life. All sounds stressful? Too much to think about?

We strongly believe business owners deserve more support in challenging times! Traditional accountants focus 100% on getting the numbers out… They don’t  have  time to focus on helping you meet the real challenges you may be facing in the next 12 months. Also annual accounts may give you a history lesson – but what do they tell you about your business today and tomorrow ? Recognising this we’ve built a suite of service around the real needs of aspirational business owners – think of it as your virtual FD !


Helping you save tax and build wealth for retirement

Our Smart Taxation service helps you minimise tax bills and avoids nasty shocks! We aim to hold tax planning meetings well before your year end.

Tax and Wealth Planning  is not about complex schemes that probably don’t work! It's about sensible low risk planning – looking at profit extraction – and ensuring you invest the right amount in retirement plans and tax efficient  investment – via our selected financial advisors.

This helps you build wealth outside the business as well as sheltering profits from the tax man.

Getting Started

The first step is to arrange a short call- just 15 -20 minutes. This helps us get to know each other – and understand your needs and challenges. We have created a Business Accelerator Checklist – which ideally we ask you to complete before our call. This covers many of the issues above and helps us start to build an Action Plan together for you and your business.