Corporate Finance

We are very experienced in helping clients with succession planning and have a strong record in helping them with selling their business or perhaps acquiring another.  We have handled transactions from a few hundred thousand pounds up to several million.  Dealing with companies in a whole range of sectors.

Selling Your Business

  • The sale of your business is the realisation of a lifetimes work.  It is vital that you plan properly, information is prepared and exchanged confidentially and the right research is undertaken to find the ideal purchaser.
  • Most people go through this type of transaction only once or maybe twice in their working lives so staying on top of all the elements involved is likely to be a real challenge.
  • As your business future and substantial sums are involved it is vital to obtain expert advice.
  • At Harrop Marshall we have years of experience in this specialist field and will work with you every step of the way to maximise the price and most importantly find the ideal purchaser.

Acquisitions and Mergers

  • If you are seeking to merge your business or acquire another can be a challenging opportunity and the key is to research the market
  • Understand clearly what you seeking the achieve and to ensure that finance is in place to complete the transaction.
  • We can assist with desk spaced research, advice throughout the negotiating process and help you determine the right price for the business.
  • We can also offer support with due diligence and sourcing the right finance if borrowings or equity investment is relevant.
  • We have good track record in helping businesses throughout the acquisition process and particularly strong in handling transactions in the price region of £1- £5m.

The Next Step

We can provide a complimentary diagnostic review of how your business stands today in terms of success planning and go through the business sale process.

Alternatively if you are looking to acquire a business we can discuss how the process works in detail and the key risks you need to consider before embarking on an acquisition strategy.

Please contact Tim Bowler at or by calling 07768060955 to arrange an initial meeting.