Accountant Stockport

For your Stockport business, it’s very important that you have an experienced accountant who’s trustworthy and professional but also friendly. Especially if you’re running a small business, you don’t want to be dealing with accounts all day long. Why do you need an accountant? This will tell you why!

Frees up your time

For small businesses especially, you need to be earning money. That means that you can’t be sat for hours sorting out your finances. For those who are self-employed, it is doubly important that you’re earning money instead of sorting out your accounts. With an accountant, your Stockport business can thrive whilst a professional accountant can keep an eye on your finances.

You’ll save money

Leading on from the last point, having an accountant can mean that you’ll save money. Whilst you’re probably aware that having an accountant can be expensive, the services of the accountant is likely to end up saving you money so that the accountant’s fee pays itself! A capable accountant will be able to tell you areas where you could be saving money so that you can rectify this. Whilst they can notice areas you can save money, as previously mentioned, hiring an accountant also gives you the opportunity to go out and make more money. If you didn’t have the accountant, you wouldn’t be able to go make money as you’d be sorting your accounts!

Increases your likelihood of a loan or investment

As your business grows, it’s inevitable that you might require a loan or investment to expand. Without an accountant, it’s notoriously hard for a business owner to get the investment or a loan. This is sometimes because owners cannot justify why they need it or simply do not understand all of the numbers that they need to understand. An accountant will be able to help you create a watertight plan that will include everything you need to secure the investment or loan. This will mean in the future you will have a much better chance of growing with the help of an accountant.
Now we demonstrated why an accountant is crucial for your business, we’re going to tell you how we’re above and beyond our fellow accountants when it comes to your business. At Harrop Marshall, we aim to truly develop your Stockport business and here’s how.

Our core values: Our main goal is to assist you when it comes to growing your business and our core values assure this. We’re a loyal, professional team but we also make sure that we’re constantly approachable whenever you need us.

Listening to your needs: We make sure that we always listen to your needs so that we can offer the best possible service for you. We do not have a template that we follow for every business, we tailor our approach to whatever suits you and your business best. This makes our style of accounting personal but exceeds that of those who simply follow a model with every business.

Innovative accounting: Whilst we understand and excel when it comes to traditional accounting, we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve our accounting technique. At Harrop Marshall, we have invested in cloud-based software which allows us to provide you excellent accounting. This means that we don’t need to store cupboard upon cupboard of paperwork as it’s all stored paperless.